Superior Google Ads Management

Why do our Google Ads and digital marketing accounts achieve unsurpassed results? Because we have spent the last 10 years developing a strategy that keeps both relevancy and traffic high. These are two areas that typically pull against one another yet are crucial to getting the best performance out of your campaigns.

We would appreciate the opportunity to explain how we put together our high performing campaigns that achieve the lowest cost conversions, highest quality leads and an amazing ROI. Call us today for your free strategy session.

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Who Is dSmart?

dSmart is a family-owned business with a passion for digital marketing. We provide innovative marketing support using Google My Business, Google Ads, Bing Ads and a variety of online marketing platforms. With over nine years of experience, the dSmart team is relationship-focused and results-driven. We aim to ensure online marketing performs at peak levels. Google My Business offers remarkable marketing power. Unfortunately, the vast majority of business owners are missing out by not taking advantage of its full capacity. We are here to help you optimize your online marketing efforts and realize your earning potential.

With your company’s online presence optimized your business will transform as your leads, contacts, and revenue grow exponentially.

We Offer Superior Google Ads Management

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Google Ads Equals High Quality Traffic

dSmart has spent many years developing a strategy that achieves high traffic and high relevancy (two areas that typically pull against each other). We consider this strategy one of our biggest breakthroughs and would appreciate the opportunity to explain it to you in detail, along with the techniques and strategies we incorporate into our high-performing campaigns.

Google Ads Overview

High Traffic & High Relevancy

Team D Smart has spent many years developing a strategy that achieves high traffic and high relevancy (two areas that typically pull against each other). We consider this strategy one of our biggest breakthroughs and would love the opportunity to explain it to you in detail. We would also like to explain the other techniques and strategies we incorporate into our high-performing campaigns.

A few key benefits of using dSmart:

  • Unsurpassed marketing management.
  • Amazing website design.
  • Unbeatable pricing.
  • No setup fee.
  • No Contract Required.
  • dSmart’s unique strategy that achieves high traffic flow & high relevancy which gives you a high ROI.
  • We will work with you one on one to set up a very powerful campaign.
  • You will speak with us directly when you have questions. We never outsource.

Keyword Match Types

We use two match types on new accounts to keep traffic and relevancy high. Keyword selection as well as match type are very important parts of achieving high traffic and high relevancy, and when combined with other strategic refinements, it makes for a powerful combination.

Negative Keywords

This is one of our campaign refinment trade secrets. Not only are staying on top of search terms important, but the way that negative keywords are added is even more important. This is a strategy that took us years, and thousands of hours of Google Ads management, to develop and perfect. This is where real management comes in and where you want to make certain that your campaigns are getting the attention they deserve.

Conversion Tracking

We track everything! Calls from your ad, calls from mobile, calls from desktop users, form fill outs, we track it all. This helps us see where your getting the best results from your campaign and adjust accordingly at a grainular level such as bid adjustments at the keyword level as well as location, time of day, day of week, age, gender and many other levels.

Campaign Refinement

Campaign refinement is crucial to proper Google Ads management. We continue to refine accounts on an ongoing basis, making them higher performing over their lifetime.

Select Demographics

During our discovery interview, we will find out who your most relevant audience is based on age, gender, parental status and household income.

Planning Ahead

No one wants to spend money on irrelevant clicks. This is why we don’t wait to see a negative search term before we block it. we load as many as possible from the start. Just another step dSmart takes to make certain your conversions and ROI are good right out of the gate.

Designed for Conversions

Making certain that your website has a few key design features in place is another base dSmart covers to make certain you get the most conversions for your marketing dollars.


We will install a remartketing tag on your website and begin building a remarketing list for you from the beginning. Remarketing is a valuable way to get even more out of your Google Ads marketing.

Google My Business & Other First Tier Platforms

What's Involved With Our Services?

  • Comprehensive audit of current platforms and assessment of degree of utilization
  • Expand presence and optimize all utilized platforms 
  • Addition to First Tier platforms
  • Optimization of sub-locations, sub-categories, sub-services
  • Engaging, robust, key-word focused “About Us” section
  • Eye-catching photos to showcase what you do
  • Glowing reviews from clients or customers
  • Accurate day to day details (location, contact info, hours, etc…)

Why Is Optimizing Google My Business a Powerful Choice?

  • Google My Business is a one-stop information hub for customers of local businesses
  • Potential customers can access an overview of your business, location/hours, current specials or sales, customer reviews, and a convenient way to message or click-to-call without even going to your website. 
  • Google My Business is a hidden gem that offers free, powerful marketing right under your nose.


What Does Ongoing Optimazation Provide?

  • Google My Business posts and specials or sales updated weekly or bi-weekly  
  • Day-to-day information verified and updated frequently so customers do not miss you.
  • Follow-up with satisfied customers to obtain new and positive reviews  
  • Social Media posts with relevant content, if applicable
  • Posts on additional first tier platforms

Platforms We Set Up, Optimize and Manage

The team at D Smart has done an amazing job increasing or calls. We are now getting many more calls and they are top quality calls on top of it. They are very good at what they do and are very professional.

Grayson McCabe

When I would ask a customer how they found us it was never through our old website. I really wanted to change that so I asked Shane to built our company a professional website. What I got was one that looks good, easy to navigate through, and gets to the point. Talk about results immediately! Almost every new customer now says they found us through our website. Thanks to Shane and the amazing work he does we are now back to growing our business again.

Jeremy Tempel

D Smart Marketing is by far the best company we have used in a long time! The attention to detail and the way they listen to our needs really surpassed our expectations. Shane is amazing and will be our go to for web design and online marketing from here on out.

Joe Business Development

I have to say Shane has been awesome working with us.. Can't say enough about his work..

Juan Cruz

Shane is a dream to work with! He is creative, responsive, and professional. He has taken the American Boerboel Club from an ancient 6-page website to a beautiful, streamlined, timeless 20+ page site to be proud of! He has been ever-patient with constant changes, additions, and tweaks, from major to petty. He has spent hours answering questions, creating PayPal connectivity, and just moving photos and content based solely on client whim and wishes! He has shown infinite patience and persistence, calm and confidence, humor and honesty. I plan to keep working with Shane, and would not hesitate to recommend him in the highest possible regard!

Lynn Johnson

Shane is GREAT! Not only is he one of the most honest and trustworthy people I have met in a long time, but he is extremely knowledgeable! It's been a blessing getting the opportunity to work with him, and if you have the chance I would highly recommend letting him help you grow your business.

Marques Pena

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