Improve PPC Performance with Google Ads Location Targeting

Unless you are taking your company global, your pay-per-click ads do not need to be seen by the entire planet. I would guess that it is more likely the products and services you are advertising are limited to a handful of countries, cities, or even city blocks. For this reason, Optimizing your Google Ads location settings is essential.

To get the most out of your AdWords campaign you want to utilize your geotargeting features effectively. 

Importance of Location Setting Optimization

We did not always understand the value of location optimization. After spending money on irrelevant clicks here at dSMART we started digging deeper and learned how to ensure our clients are getting the most out of their ads while receiving leads from the right location. Unfortunately, the default settings are not always in favor of your company, so we began to try various strategies to improve this for our clients. 

Location targeting helps focus your advertising on the areas where you will find the right customers and restrict it in the areas you won’t. Using this specific type of targeting could result in an increased return on investment (ROI). 

How to Optimize Adwords Location Features

In Google Ads, select the campaign you wish to target and click on Settings. Scroll down to Locations and then click Enter Another Location. 

Google Ads location targeting settings

Open your Locations Options, under Target select “People in or regularly in your targeted locations” and under Exclude, select “People in, or who show interest in, your excluded locations”. Doing this helps to ensure that only those individuals in your target location can see and click your ads. 

Advanced Location Options

Now click on Advanced Search. Here you will see that you can add each location separately. Just copy and paste each target location from a list you created or from a list found with a quick google search such as this list of all countries from Worldmeter. We like to keep our target location lists for each campaign in a spreadsheet that allows us to separate the desired locations.  

add google ads location targeting in bulk

Once you have pasted your list, select Target All.  In doing so, you will have full control to adjust your bids for each location. You can then increase your spending in a particular location that demonstrates a high rate of conversion and decrease your spending for any location that does not convert at the level you would like. 

Even after you have gone to these great lengths within your location settings, you may still get an occasional click from outside your target area. To remedy this problem, we will also restrict your excluded locations. 

To do this, we will go back to the campaign Settings, click Locations, then Advanced Search.

We will again paste the desired locations from a list containing areas outside your target area. Click Add Locations in Bulk and Exclude All.  By doing this, you should get little to no traffic outside your target locations. 

add excluded locations

Now that you have optimized your location features it should improve your cost per conversion by at least 5-10%. 

Conclusion of Optimizing Google Ads Location Targeting Options

Google Ads Location Targeting is one strategy of many that will help reduce the cost of your campaign conversions. Using these AdWords Geo-Targeting best practices and Adwords advanced locations will provide more control over your location targeting. The result should be an increased return on investment (ROI). 

We are not able to set Location Targeting at the ad group level like some settings, but instead, the Location Targeting will be set at the campaign level. It is also helpful to know the process is very similar for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Advertising as well as for Google Display Network. 

Do you want to eliminate squandering your budget on wasted clicks? What geotargeting strategies work well for you that we did not mention in this guide?  

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