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This page will show you how fast and easy it is to install WordPress with Bluehost.

Once you’re logged into your Bluehost account, click on “My Sites” in the upper, left hand corner.

click my sites

Next click “Create Site”.

click create site

Enter your site name and site tagline. Your tagline should be something catchy or describes in a clever and descriptive way what you do.

add your site name and tagline

From the dropdown menu, choose the domain you want to install WordPress on.

Leave the optional Directory area blank unless you want what you enter there to come after your website address. For instance, if we entered the word blog in the Directory area, our website address would be instead of

If you would like to try any of the helpful Free Plugins, just leave them checked and click next.

choose domain to install wordpress with bluehost

Congratulations! You have just successfully installed WordPress using Bluehost. You can now log into your WordPress Dashboard with the instructions below.

Logging into the WordPress dashboard

Log Into Your WordPress Dashboard

From the “WordPress installed successfully” screen you’re redirected to after install, just copy and paste your username and password into the WordPress login screen. 

To get to the WordPress login screen, go to or and paste in your username and password.

Log Into Your WordPress Through Bluehost

You also has the option of entering your WordPress dashboard via Bluehost. To do this, click on the “My Sites” tab in the upper left hand side of your Bluehost dashboard.

Log into wordpress through bluehost

Now just hover over the site you want to log into and click the log into WordPress button.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to install WordPress with Bluehost.

click log into wordpress

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