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The Google ads platform itself is not that difficult to learn, and become fairly comfortable with quickly. The strategy that makes a campaign high performing and successful is the difficult part. 

If there were no competition on Google Ads, putting together a successful campaign wouldn’t be that difficult, or costly. The competition, though, is what make strategy so crucial. Without a knowledge of how to squeeze the most out of every dollar you feed into Google Ads, you’re fighting an up hill battle. 

High refining strategy is something that takes many Google Ads experts years to learn. I will say that the most important part of the strategy I still use to this day, took me about four years to figure out. It was something I would go to bed contemplating, until finally I figured out a strategy that works for any industry and any competition level. And it has to do in mostpart with keywords, negative keywords, and the way both are added. This may sound obvious, but the way they are added is where the strategy was hard to figure out.

It is a strategy I use for my own marketing, for my clients and it will work for you as well.

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