Maximizing the Power of Google Ads

It’s true, Google Ads offers high quality traffic at a price that equals a high return on marketing dollars. Why then does this marketing medium not seem to work for so many businesses? This question has multiple answers, but the top two reasons (in my opinion) are:

1) A business is trying to self-manage their account without proper refinement knowledge, adequate time to devote to its management, or both.

2) A business is having their account managed by a company, or person, who is not giving their account the time needed to manage it properly, or do not possess the refinement skills needed to maximize Google Ads potential.

You will notice, however, that in any industry, there are businesses that will always be using Google Ads. Why? Because they are having their account professionally managed by a company, or person, that is giving it the time it deserves, and possesses the refinement skills to maximize the power of Google Ads.

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