Negative Keywords are Vitally Important 

When is comes to a Google Ads search campaign, nothing is as vitally important to its success as regularly doing search terms reports and adding negative keywords. With that said, the match type in which you choose for each negative keyword is just as important. WHY? Because if you were to block every irrelevant search term in its exact match form, (the default option Google gives you) you would block very little irrelevant traffic. You would only be blocking that exact irrelevant search moving forward. But since there are literally thousands upon thousands of possible similar irrelevant combinations, you have to take your negative blocking power to a higher level. So, why not segregate the most irrelevant word in each and every search terms and block it in its broad match form? By going to this extreme, you would end up blocking thousands of relevant search terms over time. You would block so much relevant traffic over time that you would end up paying a premium price for the traffic you do get.

So, how does one find the best balance between high traffic and highly relevant searches through negative keywords? By taking time when doing a search terms report and thinking through the best match type to use when blocking any word/words. There are no shortcuts when adding negative keywords. They need to have as much thought put into them as the keywords themselves. 

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