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App integration is a very important ingredient for a website building platform like Wix. It’s where much of the power comes from. Without an expanded app market such as Wix’s, you’d be able to build a website comparative to a stock Chevy Cavalier. But the Wix App Market allows you the potential to build a website comparative to a fully loaded Ferrai.

Any proper Wix Review must cover the Wix App Market, but to read more details and topics about Wix, check out our Wix Review.

display of Wix App Market

Apps Wix Integrates With

Wix App Market consists of over 200 apps. Some apps are third party apps that Wix integrates with and some are apps made by Wix themself. Some apps are free and some have a cost. But, the bottom line is, there is an app for just about any need you have.

Many of Wix’s apps are free, including Wix Chat, Instagram Feed, PayPal, Google Events Calendar, Facebook Share, Wix Bookings, Google Maps and many, many more.

Wix Apps vs WordPress Plugins

Offering such a wide array of apps allows Wix to compete with with platforms such as WordPress. Instead of installing a plugin like you would with WordPress, you just search the Wix App Market for the app you need to accomplish whatever it is you need to accomplish.

In a nutshell, the Wix App Market adds a lot of power and popularity to their platform. It allows users to build a non compromising website, loaded with features, on top of Wix’s easy to use drag-and-drop builder.

5 Best Wix Apps

Maybe best is an overstatement. Most popular is probably more fitting. But, then again, if they are the most popular apps, I guess in a sense, they are the best Wix apps.

Google Maps – Easily add a map to your business location or storefront with the Google Maps app.

Wix Bookings – Allow your customers to easily book an appointement or schedule a class with you. Best of all, it makes bookings, scheduling and accepting payments completely hands free.

Events Calendar – If you are hosting a conference, a wedding, a party a concert or any other type of event then Wix Events is the app for you. It will take care of ticket sales, sending invitations, manage your guest list and RSVPs. Best of all, it allows you to track all of it.

Online Store – This app is made by Ecwid and it packs a big punch for ecommerce. It’s fully mobile responsive, has an abandoned cart recovery, allows you to sell on Amazon, Facebook and Instagram and offers easy payment integration.

Social Media Stream – This wickedly cool app streams all of your social media posts to your website. Your visitors can see right from your website any posts you share on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. How cool is that?

Wix App Review Conclusion

The apps we highlighted in this post are just the tip of the iceberg. Wix has over 200 apps to help you accomplish just about anything you want to accomplish. They are always adding new apps too. If their users have a need, Wix is good about addressing it. 

If you’re trying to make up your mind if Wix is the best choice for you or not, remember, you can try is for free. After you’ve designed your website with their intuitive website builder, if you decide you love it, then you can sign up.  

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